Kale Chips: Revisited

Okay, so they’re kind of past their prime, but that doesn’t make me love them any less. In fact, the batch I made today may have flared up my love affair with these healthful cheesy(v) snacks. 



These past few days in Brooklyn have been fairly cool in contrast to the hot temps and high humidity levels that the most recent heat-wave brought our way. I think I went a full week without really cooking anything. I ended up eating tons of raw veggies, smoothies, and many different variations of what we all know and love as salad. I knew I wanted a cooking project to embark on during my two days off (whoa, what a treat!), but my body was still not ready for heavy foods. I have temporarily overdosed on banana “ice cream” and was craving something savory. What did I decide on? Kale chips.  Seemed like a happy medium to me. 


I used to make these healthy chips way back when I first discovered Kale Chips at (dare I say) Whole Foods. I became totally obsessed, but upset that they were so expensive for a bag the size of a healthy person’s potato chip pig-out session. I made them pretty often for a while there and then I found myself all kale chip-ed out. So here I am, a few years later, revisiting my love affair with kale chips. And boy have I learned a great deal about this cruciferous vegetable since my first encounter with it a number of years ago. 


A few things to keep you interested in kale:

→ Phytonutrients! These natural chemical compounds found in fruits and vegetables have been known to positively affect our bodies natural healing abilities and vitality. You’ve heard of carrots being good for your eyes, right? Well, betacarotene is the phytonutrient responsible for that. Recent studies have shown Kale to have high concentration of phytonutrients such as carotenoids (antioxidants) and glucosinolates (found to reduce the risk of cancer by way of liver detoxing). Um, awesome!

→ High in vitamins A & K and C as well as B6

→ Rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium, manganese and iron


And that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. Did I mention it’s easy to grow in almost any climate? Oh, kale! 



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